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Crown3ds flashcard--hacking 3ds and playing 3DS games

Crown3ds is the world's first real 3ds flashcard! Crown3ds team has confirmed that the Crown3ds flashcard is working flawlessly on Nintendo 3DS 2.1.0-4 console! The crown3ds has not been officially launched yet,but we were quick on the trigger and pre-ordered the first batch of the products.
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- The World's First 3DS flashcard to jailbreak Nintendo 3DS mode games
- Released by crown3ds team
- Confirmed:Crown3ds can run 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS 2.1.0-4 system console
- Free shipping to all over the world with tracking number

This Crown3ds Flashcard is the first 3DS flashcard to jailbreak Nintendo 3DS-Mode games.Crown3ds development team finally released the news after several months' development and testing.
They have confirmed that Crown3DS was running 3DS games successfully on a V2.1.0-4 3DS console.This is a big breakthrough!
They are now trying to dump more 3DS games and do more tests, and they will fix all the bugs and make sure it is working stable and compatible with all the 3DS games.
They also released a short video showing that Crown3DS was running the 3DS game--splinter cell3d.3ds, the capability of this game is 512MB.
Until now,crown3ds can not run all of the 3DS games because of some tech problems, so their next plan is to dump more 3DS games to enhance the Crown3DS game compatibility.

Crown 3ds FAQ
Q. Will this card support Japan region 3DS?
Crown 3ds flashcard: Sure, it will support all kinds of 3DS versions.

Q. Will the Crown 3DS support all region 3DS games?
Crown 3ds flashcard: thanks for your questions, currently it can't , but when we release this card finally, it will for sure. we are working hard on it.

Q. Quick question do you guys think homebrew would be possible now?
Crown 3ds flashcard: still too early to talk about it.

Q. It must feel great to be the first ones on the scene?
Crown 3ds flashcard: lol glad to hear that you guys are interested in our item,working hard on it.

Q. Just tell me where and when to throw my money your way
Crown 3ds flashcard: thanks, until now, we haven't decided the price yet and...we will do these jobs when the flashcard is ready to release, just keep in touch with us, follow my twitter (crown3ds) to get the update news.

Q. I want to know if this might brick the system?
Crown 3ds flashcard: until now, there is no sign that it will brick the console, we will keep an eye on it, when this item finally releases, you guys must be safe to use it.

Q. Try to remove regional protection?
Crown 3ds flashcard: of course we are trying to unlock the region problem. working hard on it.

Q. When will you release the flashcard?
Crown 3ds flashcard: still working on hard on it, will release it as well as we can


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