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E3 flasher-100% solderless

With E3 flasher, you can downgrade your PS3 from V4.60 to V3.55, and also you can dual boot easily between OFW V4.60 and CFW V3.55.

E3 nor flasher and limited version both are in stock now! We can send you order right away!

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Notice: We sell both E3 Nor flasher and E3 flasher limited, please choose the one you want in the optional table.

Update News:

1.Now,we have E3 Nor Flasher/limiited version in stock,welcome to purchase.

2.E3 flasher limited version is in stock as well.

3.Using Rogero CFW 4.60 to play V3.55+ games is possible now and you can download it here : Rog_4.30_v1.04.PUP

4.Rogero CFW 4.50 install guide can be reference it here : Rogero CFW 4.30 Install

5.If your PS3 is in V3.55 system, either OFW(official firmware) or CFW(official firmware). Which means if your PS3 is lower than V3.55, just update it to V3.55 by using ps3 break v1.2 or ps3 kit or ps3 user cheat .If higer than v3.55,then use  E3 flasher or ProgSkeet V1.2 to downgrade your PS3 to V3.55 first.


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E3 flasher Description:

As we know that if your PS3 is in V3.55-V4.60 system, you only can buy original game disc to play games, but with E3 flasher, you can downgrade your PS3 to V3.55 and then play games from your external or internal hdd. Recently E3 flasher also have released the dual boot feature which means you can switch your PS3 between OFW V4.60 and CFW V3.55. E3 flasher can work on all the Slim PS3 and Nor fat PS3.


If you choose E3 Flasher Limited, you have to know that E3 Flasher Limited is too heavy for the Freeshipping, so only Express available, the Freight will be calculated according to your shipping address, part of that will be afforded by us.

Sorry about that. Because it is too heavy to ship through the normal registered post.
I wonder if you could change your mind to get E3 nor flasher which has the same features with the E3 limited version. And the difference between them is just the the esata station, which only E3 limited version has, but you can buy one easily from your local game stores.
Then that will lose much weight and can be shipped smoothly via free shipping.


E3 flasher features:

  • Dual Boot
  • Downgrade 4.60 to 3.55
  • 16M NOR FLASH ON board
  • 3 save MODE, can save data in TF, NOR FLASH on board and PC HD
  • 1 KEY operation, simple is best
  • Upgradable from TF card or PC USB
  • Compatiable all device like PS3/WII/XBOX360/MP3/DVD/BD/MP4/Table PC which has NAND or NOR flash memory.
  • Integrated lots of interface, perfectly extension, will have more function with future new E3 accessory.
  • Soldreless!


How to Install E3 Flasher:



Package Content:

  1. E3 Nor Flasher contains 4 different items.
  2. E3 flasher limited version contains 11 different items.


E3 Nor Flasher Package:

e3 nor flasher




E3 flasher limited Package

e3 flasher limited



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e3 models

e3 models

e3 models

From Comment
2014-12-29 Erik y... Will it can download my PS3 4.65?!
2014-09-01 Izabela M... Ok, i received it today!
2014-08-30 Jared T... Pretty cool, more cheaper than my friend's E3, thanks
2014-04-11 Toach C... hi Diana , I recieved the cart about a month ago and my ps3 downgrade successfully. thanks
2014-03-26 Yolanda J... Just received the e3 flasher today! Looks and works just as expected! but wait a little longer Thx,
2014-03-17 Gamerige S... will highly recommend this store as best store for getting E3 flasher , downgrade successfully! fast shipping and nice customer service !!
2014-03-14 Alex R... A friend recommended me to buy e3 flasher from here, reliable store i received my package several days ago and couldnot wait to enjoy it, thanks teddy
2014-03-11 Ahmad S... got the package, perfect, I thought you a liar, THX
2014-03-06 Gusomo S... shared it with my friends, awesome!
2014-03-05 Madames L... downgraded my PS3 4.30 to 3.55 successfully, if you have any other flash card for PSvita , i will come back
2014-03-01 nasear w... bought E3 nor flasher via free shipping, and thx your guys to declare the package value below 35 USD
2014-03-01 nasear w... bought E3 nor flasher via free shipping, and thx your guys to declare the package value below 35 USD

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