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Acekard 2i Flashcard for NDS/NDSL/NDSi/3DS

Acekard 2i is a very good flash kit released by Acekard team, Ak2i can work great on your DS/DSi/3DS with AKAIO firmware.So far,it can support the 3DS v4.3.0-10 and DSi v1.44. It offers a solid, fully customisable GUI, 100% compatibility with all DS games, full DLDI homebrew support and many other additional features that work very well.

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  1. Updated file for ak2i to support 3DS4.3 and DSi1.44.
  2. Acekard 2i firmware has been updated to AKAIO V1.90
  3. AK2i can work on the 3DS system v4.3.0-10 and DSi v1.44.
  4. The card we send out is pre-flashed, it can work on the latest V4.3.0-10 and DSi v1.44 directly,there is no need for you to update.
  5. If you want to buy one r4 card to support 3DS latest v7.1.0-16 and DSI 1,45, recommend you the famous wood r4i gold 3ds card.
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Acekard 2i Description

Acekard 2i(akaAK2i) is a Slot 2 modern card manufactured by acekard team, it is one of the most popular flashcards that work on DS/DSi/3DS. It offers near 100% compatiblity for commercial roms and also have very high homebrew compatibility rate.If you just want to play games, Acekard 2i is your best choose. Acekard 2i uses AKAIO firmware which provides a powerful OS with many features,such as online cheat updating via WIFI,Support various AR cheat types, Wii Connectivity, Auto Anti-Piracy Routines, Save Slots,Custom icons for your games and file extensions,it also provides pretty good Slot2 support which can automatically detecte your EZ 3in1 for the opera browser and can boot gba games directly.

Acekard 2i Features

  • Work perfectly on DS/DSi/3DS
  • Backwards compatible with both original and Lite DS, including slot-2 functionality
  • Micro SDHC compatible
  • 100% ROM compatibility
  • Full download play support
  • Drag and drop all files - no patching of any kind needed - auto DLDI patching
  • On-board file management & trimming
  • Great looking, customisable GUI
  • Extra features such as cheat support and soft-reset
  • Easily skinnable, lots of skins already available
  • Loader updates are plentiful, good support from the manufacturer
  • Great build quality, fits flush

How to Use Acekard 2i Flashcard

  1. Download the latest AKAIO firmware. Download: AKAIO V1.90
  2. Put the firmware files and some games in your SD card.
  3. Insert the AK2i and SD card into your DS/DSi/3DS and Power on
  4. Enjoy your games.

How to update Acekard 2i Flashcard

  1. Download the update patch and the latest AKAIO firmware.

  2. Extract the update patch file, there are two update files, one is for DS console, the other is for DSi console.

  3. Choose the correct update file and put the update file and akaio firmware in your SD card.

  4. Put your Ak2i and the SD card in your DS/DSi console.

More Acekard 2i user guide, such as Multimedia Support, Cheat Support, Skinning Support, Please check here: Acekard 2i User Guide

Package Content

1 * Acekard 2i  card
1 * Free shipping with tracking number


High Speed USB SD Card Reader


2G Kingston/Sandisk SD card (5  games+Latest firmware)
4G/8G/16G Kingston/Sandisk SD card (10 games+Latest firmware)


SD Card Games
2GB 4GB/8G/16G
1. Dragon Quest IX_ Sentinels of the Starry Skies(US) 1. Dragon Quest IX_ Sentinels of the Starry Skies(US)
2. New Super Mario Bros(US) 2. Golden Sun_Dark Dawn(US)
3. Plants vs. Zombies(US) 3. Mario Kart DS(US)
4. Pokemon Black(US) 4. Monster Tale(US)
5. The Legend of Zelda:Spirit Tracks(US) 5. New Super Mario Bros(US)
6. Plants vs. Zombies(US)
7. Pokemon Black(US)
8. Pokemon White(US)
9. Radiant Historia(US)
10.The Legend of Zelda:Spirit Tracks(US)


Ak2i FAQ

Q:I want to purchase two ak2i fron you, I was wondering about what's your delivery time?

A:We will send you the ak2i as soon as we receive the payment from you.

Usually it takes 10-12 business days to arrive.

Q:After inserting my Acekard2i,it occurs" Deep Labyrinth Digital Bros"?

A:Yeah,it means your acekard2i is working.

Q:I just want to make sure if the acekard2i is totally compatible for the 3DS latest version?

A:Yes,it can support the latest 3DS v4.3.0-10.After you receive the item we sent out,

you don't need to update it by yourself.

Q:If I order a acekard2i with a Kingston 4GB card,whether I can get some games?

A:Yeah,if you order the acekard2i with Kingston 4GB card, 10 games included.

When you receive the item, just play it, no need to do other downloads or updating.

Q:Can I use a acekard2i to paly GBA games?

A:If you want to play GBA games with a acekard2i,you need a slot2,you should have a

EZ flash 3 in 1(only DSL console can support slot2).

Q:Will I be able to play games such as Mario Kart DS online if I play them from a flash card like Acekard 2i?

A:Of course, you can.Just make sure you have wifi enabled in the settings.


From Comment
2014-04-11 Toach C... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^thkx
2014-03-05 Jason w... a gift for my friends, he likes it
2012-06-04 Kevin S... Just received ak2i in time for my daughter's birthday present.THX!Pre-updated and some games were included in the 4GB card.My daughter had a good time.
2012-06-04 Kevin S... Just received ak2i in time for my daughter's birthday present.THX!Pre-updated and some games were included in the 4GB card.My daughter had a good time.
2011-12-16 Kate B... I bought two, one each for my son + daughter. There was a small error with the first dispatch, as I only received one but the communication from the Oz3ds team was excellent and although the 2nd took longer to arrive (it is near xmas) I am completely happy and would strongly recommend them + considering making a future purchase.

2011-08-10 Thomas L... I'm using it on my DSi v1.4.3. I've been using for nearly a month and I have found nothing to complain about it. Overall, this product is good and the price is reasonable.
2011-07-06 bryan m... I've had the acekard from you guys for just over a full year and it has been working perfectly since I bought does the basic stuff like some homebrew, most of the latest games and the such....
2010-09-18 Adam H... What I'm trying to say is that the price, delivery speed, and services are five star !
2010-04-10 harry w... Highly recommend this item. This is the 3rd acekard 2i I bought (two for my cousins)and I'm really happy with it. Good quality,easy to use and the best of all a really good price for this item XXD
2010-02-18 Matt B... I researched the purchase of an Acekard 2i 3ds for a long time,because i couldn't decide whether this flash kit was worth buying or not. Boy am I glad I made this purchase.For those of you worrying about it, let me end with:It is worth buying

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