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Q1 : How to put order on Oznds ?

1.Assure you have a account in,if not,you have to creat one first before shopping.

2.After login in our store,choose your desired items and put it /them into your shopping cart,then click checkout,confirm your shipping address,if it's right,click next,you will enter this page

3.the place you need to choose just like above pix shows (shipping method as well as the term of service)

4.finished,then click next,choose your payment method

5.then you will enter the to send payment to us by visa.

Q2 : How to use the discount coupon in ?


1.login in and choose your desired items into your shopping cart,then choose cart,like following pix


2.then you will see this zone " Vouchers ---code ", this is the place you put your discount coupon

3.After input,click add ,then you will enjoy the discount.



Q3 : How to quick choose my desired items in ?


Following is a shopping guide list for helping you quicker reference our store:


The Cheapest 3DS Flashcart : Ace3DS PLUS

The best card : Supercard DSTwo

The Most Famous Card : AK2i

The Popular Cards : R4i gold 3ds

The 3DS roms cards:  Gateway 3dsR4i gold 3ds deluxe edition

Both of these cards are 100% from official manufacture , upgradable one,will work well on your console.



2.For PS3 Users

1.Playing V3.60+ games on your PS3 V3.55 system with PB2

2.Downgrade your ps3 firmware from v4.25 to V3.55 with PS3 E3Flasher

3.Playing Blu Ray Movie , DVD and PS1 game iSOs and PSP Mini games with PS3 Cobra


3.For iPhone Users

1.Unlock your iPhone4/4S case with these unlocking cards

2.Various cool iPhone5 cases can be reference here :iPhone5 cases




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