Monster Hunter XX can be played with Sky3ds+

Monster Hunter XX is released on 18th, Mar. It adds new elements, such as New hunting style, hunting technology, monsters based on the previous works. Here we will introduce how to use Sky3ds+ to play it. Requirment: Sky3ds+, 3DS, SD

MH, MH XX, Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter XX, Sky3DS, Sky3ds plus

Amiiqo/N2 compatible with Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been released on 3th, Mar. Then many players which owner some other equipment worry whether their equipment is compatible with Nintendo Switch. Here we will introduce the Amiiqo/N2. Amiiqo  is a NFC toy emulator currently supporting

Amiibo, Amiiqo, Amiiqo/N2, N2, Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch evaluation report

Now the Nintendo Switch is released, which is excited. It’s the new console following Wii U, so many Nintendo fans pay attention on it. Here we will introduce the exterior of it. It consists of one body and a pair

Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch