PSV Cobra BlackFin 1.1 software updated

As we all know, PSV Cobra BlackFin software and hardware was released in the last month. Now in order to improve stability and robustness of the authentication system across networks, the official has updated the 1.1 software further. The below

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How to play free games on Nintendo3DS?

We all know that the Nintendo game cards is expensive and one card can only play one game. So many players must want to know whether we can play the games with free. This post will introduce it to you.

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Freakyhax can run on 3DS with sky3ds/sky3ds+

Recently, Freakyhax is released, which is QR-code homebrew exploit for the 3DS game Freakyforms Deluxe.Then sky3ds/sky3ds+ users must want to know whether the flashcarts support it. We confirm that sky3ds/sky3ds+ can support Freakyhax on the 3DS . Today we will

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What’s Mobile phone wide angle lens?

Recently, more and more people use the phone as camera. But you know, the main function of phone is calling, not camera. So the effect of photos with phone is not as good as camera. Do you know how to

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How to build a game header information file for sky3ds?

As we know, whether a game support to write for sky3ds or not , depends on if game title header information was included into the template file. We need to wait for official updating. In order to get official updating,

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How to add game title header into template.txt file of sky3ds (blue key)?

We know that whether a game support to write for sky3ds or not depends on if game title header information was included into the template file.If it is not included into the template file, we should wait for official update.

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Now GATEWAY 4.0B PRIVATE BETA  has been disclosed. The GATEWAY4.0 mainly increase bootloader installation features of A9LH.Believe many player are familiar with A9LH.Then you must want to know how to install A9LH and enter the system directly after powering.This post

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I believe many GATEWAY users has been looking forward to A9LH testing release. Now we still not receive the official testing public.But the official website update the news about GATEWAY 4.0B PRIVATE BETA #2. The below is from GATEWAY official

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