R4i Gold Official Site Released the New Patch to Well Work on the 3DS 6.0.0!

After the DSTWO which was the first magical card to release their patch to be suitable with the 3DS6.0.0 within 24 hours, the r4i gold 3ds has updated, too. But it seemed a little complicated to operate. We have tested

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Supercard DSTwo Updates the Firmware to 1.20 Enabling to Be Compatible With the 3DS 6.0.0!

After the update of the 3DS yesterday, i can forcast there will appear many updates and new products from all official sites of the flashcard. As what i think, today, the DSTWO has released a new firmware to be compatible

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3DS Firmware Update to Version 6.0.0-11U!

Hey, boys and girls, dont update your 3DS prematurely. We have tested that, at present, almost all the flashcards, even the supercard DSTWO and the popular card r4i gold 3ds,  have been blocked by the latest 3DS version 6.0.0-11U. Therefore,

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The Cobra ODE Will Come Out! Excited!

As all the ps3 gamers know, how incredible the cobra ODE is! It can help you to run game and movie ISO’s from any PS3 without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. Recently, the cobra

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R4i SDHC Kernel Updated to V1.69b!

R4i SDHC team released the newest kernel v1.69b on the 2013.06.10. That is to say more r4i sdhc 3ds games and RTS games are available for the users. Here is the Change Log for you. 1. Fix some RTS games

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WOOD R4 V1.60 Released!

News from the R4i gold 3ds official site that the WOOD R4 V1.60 released. Here is Change Log: many code optimizations. fixed dma store/load at arm7. fixed bug that cause freeze after leaving rts menu in following games: harvest moon

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Gateway 3DS Flashcard for 3DS

There is one card, Gateway 3DS, which is prevailing these days. It’s official site said that this card is not just for old DS games, but your actual 3DS games. And they proudly presents the first ever video proof that

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