MultiMAN Update Again to V04.19.02

Thank Deank again for his update of  the new version multiMAN v04.19.02. Some additional features added, like supporting CFW 4.31, PS1 ISO/BIN improved. Here is Deank’s post. As long as the strenth of the multiMan and other managers, will it

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MultiMan 04.19.01 Released! PS1 ISO Added!

Several days ago, I’ve seen a post that so many people ask why Iris and PS3 Cobra can support PS1 ISO, but multiMan doesn’t. Deank has made so many explainations, but seems that they dont accept the truth. However, that’s

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R4i-SDHC Team Launched Their New Card Support RTS——R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS!

Yesterday, the R4i-SDHC team released a new card, called R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS, which have the function of  Real Time Save. I believe that’s a pretty feature for all the game players. Following is the detailed features about the new card

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3K3Y News Update! The Dumper Released!

Feel great to get news update from 3K3Y team, although the product hasn’t been on market. Following up on the previous update, This weekend the 3K3Y team released 3K3Y key dumper v1.00 application which will be used to extract the

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Exciting News for Cobra CFW v4.30+ & Firmware v6!

Waiting for such a long time, and the Cobra CFW v4.30+ finally released.  Amazing!! Will this bring a new storm of Cobra USB Dongle?  Who knows, haha. Now, let’s see the official post: More details and Download link can be

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Iris Manager v1.52 Update! PSX ISO Improved.

When mentioned PS3 manager, most guys might think of Multiman. But there is another Manager, called IRIS, becoming popular on many PS3 forums, such as PS3Hax, psx-scene, etc. This is a manager which can support PSX/PS1  ISO directly. That’s interesting,

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Great News for Old R4i Gold 3DS( Users! DSi v1.45 Patch Released!

Got a great news from R4i Gold 3DS ( team today. They’ve released the latest patch for old R4i gold 3DS users. As we know some cards released new cards for the new update of the Nintendo 3Ds and DSi,

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R4isdhc Dual-Core R4i V1.51 Released! More Games Available!

The R4isdhc team has released the new kernel for their R4isdhc Dual-Core. V1.51. As I saw on their official site, the card might has a little change on the sticker. Along with the latest kernel, a new game list also

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Ace3DS PLUS Wood Firmware v1.56 Released

When everybody’s eyes were attracted to the card Ace3DS Pro, many people might forget to focus on the news of another card from Ace3DS team, the Ace3DS plus. Yesterday, they’ve released the new firmware of that card,ACE Wood firmware v1.56.

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Ace3DS PRO, A Flashcard for 3DS Games?

Recently, I’ve saw a hot post on GBAtemp, a guy saw the news on Ace3DS team’s official site, which telling us Ace3ds team released card can support switch between Ace3ds Plus and 1 3DS game. Only 3 days, already nearly

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