OMG! Multiman Update Again Version 04.17.04!

Just saw a post that Multiman v 04.17.04 was released by Deank. That’s incredible. He just improved the functions like copying/scanning/verifying/ect, as well as Visual Imprvements and addition of SD/MS/CF entries in Retro Column. Besides, a BERE multiMAN was made

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New iPhone Unlock–Rsim 7+! Better Than Rsim 7

The R-SIM 7+ team, the only team to push the iPhone 5/4s general accelerated default edition off, has just released the latest R-SIM 7+. They have their own invention and patent which is general unlock card tray. After R-sim 7,

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Great News! R4i Gold 3ds ( New Firmware Released!

I’ve seen on the R4i gold 3ds official site that they have released new kernel Wood R4 v1.56 yesterday(2012-12-05). Here is the detailed feature of this update. Compatibility: ‘apprends avec pokemon a la conquete du clavier (france)’ fixed. WOOD R4

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New Version Multiman Released—-Why So Frequently?

Merry Christmas, guys. Here I got a news that the Multiman released new version again v04.17.02 on Dec. 23rd. Followed that,  v04.17.03 is released on Dec. 24th. The features of the new update: 04.17.02 04.17.03 Although Deank wanna offer players

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How to Install E3 Flasher (Ep 2: Software Installation)

We finished the hardware installation of E3 flasher last time. So let’s finish the software installation today. pls prepare these things before start. TF card memory card reader Flash memory Dont forget to predownload all the files needed from the

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How to Install E3 Flasher (Ep1: Hardware Installation)

As we all know, if you want to downgrade your PS3, the HARDWARE such as E3 flasher or Progskeet v1.2 is necessary. But pls check the model and version of you console before you do that. Here I got a

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New Version multiMan Released! Remote Operating and Running Faster!

I’ve got a news about the NEW version of multiMan several days ago, but too busy to share it with you guys. It’s the multiMan ver. 04.16.01. If your PS3 console is version upper than 3.55, you have to use

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Nintendo 3DS Hacked? Is That Real?

When opened the site GBAtemp, an amazing title , Has the Nintendo 3DS been hacked?, really attracted my attention. The original thread is like this.   “Long-time GBAtemp member and store owner OzModChips recently tweeted a picture that got our

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Great! New Members to Support 3DS 4.5.0-10!

Lots of flashcards released the patch or firmware to support 3DS 4.5.0-10 one by one. The 3DS 4.5.0-10 family enlarged fast. As we know, the DSTWO and R4i gold 3ds( support it first, then r4i-sdhc 3ds. Today, more cards released

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next page Team Released New Patch for R4i Gold 3ds Supporting 3DS v4.5 & DSi 1.45

We’ve got the news that, DSi has updated the firmware to v1.45. That’s a bad dream for DSi users. Just hours later DSTWO released the new kernel to support it. Have to admire it again. Then R4i gold 3ds offered

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