3DS Flashcart for V4.4.0-10 Latest News Report

Recently,3DS V4.4.0-10 blocked all flashcart news became a very hot topic in many forums.It was said that in the current market, most of the cards are without save IC, so be blocked now. Therefore, this is the hardware defect, software

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Great News! R4i Gold 3DS Supports 3DS V4.4.0-10 Successfully!

Having waiting for about two weeks, R4i Gold 3DS users finally get the delightful news. R4i Gold 3DS team has released the new patch to make it possible to enjoy the 3DS version 4.4.0-10 with your R4i Gold 3DS flashcards.

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GREAT NEWS! Supercard DStwo Can Work on 3DS V4.4.0-10 Now!

A few days ago, Nintendo launched the new 3DS Version 4.4.0-10. Many 3ds players, including me, are very curious about whether there is a flashcard working well on the new version. Sadly, it seems Nintendo has prepared quite well for

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Colorful Solicone Cover Case for IPhone 5G

Recently, Apple Inc launched the IPhone 5G with the strong expection of Apple fans. Along with the Iphone 5G released, a large number of  accessories are preparing to marching into the market. And now, I am going to introduce the

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R4i-SDHC 3DS V1.61b Updated to Support 3DS LL(XL)

Here is a updated news from R4i-SDHC official website that R4i V1.61b firmware for r4i-sdhc 3ds and R4i-SDHC  released. This time firmware update mianly fixed two problems, one is 3DS LL/XL Compatibility, the other one is NDS games bug- fixed. Following

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How to Fix Acekard 2i “system file is missing” Problem

This is no wonder acekard 2i was a very welcomed flashcard among many users.It  comes with a famous akaio firmware  to provides a powerful OS with many features,such as online cheat updating via WIFI,Support various AR cheat types, Wii Connectivity,

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Things you have to know about Wii U

The curtains of Nintendo Wii U presentation just came to end , yet,Wii U , the latest generation of Nintendo console, as the hottest console for the time being has attracted much more attention .It was said that the concept

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