SX Installer V1.1 Released

Team Xecuter just released SX Installer V1.1, including lots of stability improvements, key new features like touch screen support and the never seen before ability for the user to be able to drag the list of games. Let’s see more

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SX OS New version v1.5 with Even More features

After about half a month later for the announcement of SX OS v1.4, TX shows SX Pro or SX OS users the updating version SX OS v1.5 these days, with some convenient new functionality for SX OS. Lets have a

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Please pay attention! Our site has changed to

Please noted our website has changed to, thanks for your always support! Sky3ds official site: sky3ds+ sales promotion (valid to 15th June): Sky3ds+ is only US$85/pcs with free shipping + Skydock, new site, sky3ds new website, sky3ds official site, sky3ds official site changed, sky3ds+ converter, sky3ds+ free shipping, sky3ds+ sales promotion, skydock
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Monster Hunter XX can be played with Sky3ds+

Monster Hunter XX is released on 18th, Mar. It adds new elements, such as New hunting style, hunting technology, monsters based on the previous works. Here we will introduce how to use Sky3ds+ to play it. Requirment: Sky3ds+, 3DS, SD

MH, MH XX, Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter XX, Sky3DS, Sky3ds plus
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Amiiqo/N2 compatible with Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been released on 3th, Mar. Then many players which owner some other equipment worry whether their equipment is compatible with Nintendo Switch. Here we will introduce the Amiiqo/N2. Amiiqo  is a NFC toy emulator currently supporting

Amiibo, Amiiqo, Amiiqo/N2, N2, Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch evaluation report

Now the Nintendo Switch is released, which is excited. It’s the new console following Wii U, so many Nintendo fans pay attention on it. Here we will introduce the exterior of it. It consists of one body and a pair

Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch
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How to update Sky3ds+ firmware V130 to play Pokemon Sun and Moon?

The new firmware V130 is released on official website last week. Now many Sky3ds+ owners must want to know how to update it. Here the post will introduce it. Step1: Format the SD card to Fat32. Step2: Download from

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sky3DS+ can support Pokemon moon and sun

The Pokemon moon and sun is the topic discussed  among 3DS players. Also some Sky3ds+ owners want to know whether Sky3ds+ can support the Pokemon moon and sun. Here we confirm that Sky3ds+ can support the Pokemon moon and sun.

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How to download games in eShop freely?

The eshop store many 3DS games. Then many 3DS players want to download the games  freely  in it. Here we will introduce the method. Step1: Download the freeShop-2.1.3.cia file, then use the FBI to install it. Step2: After finish the

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Soundhax- an easy way to enter 3ds Homebrew

As we all know, 3DS console don’t support out of region. If you want to play roms out of region, you can enter the homebrew mode. Today we will introduce an easy way to enter the homebrew. Installation: Step1: Build

3DS homebrew, homebrew, out of region 3ds games, Soundhax
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