Where to Buy Cobra DMC for Older Consoles?

IN Cobra ode updated fw v2.2 news, they mentioned the Cobra DMC,  said that they had successfully bypassed 4.60 ofw on older PS3 consoles (PATA, SATA FAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3k models). An additional hardware module (Cobra DMC) is required

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Cobra ODE Firmware v2.2 Supports Usage of PS3 v4.60 OFW

Great news from the Cobra ODE team, their latest firmware v2.2 finally out for all boards, and fully supports the latest Sony PS3 firmware v4.60 on all PlayStation 3 consoles, althrough, sadly for those PS3 owners without the ‘sliding lid’

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Where to buy CronusMax Controller Mod for Xbox One/360/ PS3/PC?

The CronusMAX is the next generation in controller adapters. Based on the first ever cross-compatibility gaming add-on ever created for video game industry. Buy from OZ3ds.com. Introduction: Controller MAX (CronusMAX) unleashes the power of your video game controller. First it

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E3 ODE PRO one key install PKG software released!

The one key install unofficial PKG software released, all E3 ODE PRO user can run it by copy this software, please read the manual . At the same time, the E3 Global Forum www.e3forums.net officially running, all E3 users can

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PS3 E3 Ode OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2 Released!

On Feb 19th, 2014, E3 ODE PRO team annouce the E3 OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2 released. all users will have the following functions after upgrade to E3 OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2.0: 1: one key install official

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Cobra ode 2.0 imminent- features released!

At present, the Cobra ode team is still working on the incoming Cobra 2.0 followed the 1.9, and on Jan 15th, 2014, they released the imminent- features about the 2.0 which is said to be released in the coming week

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The world’s first PS3 ODE supports 4K 4.55 video released!

E3 ODE PRO are created by the E3TEAM, which is the optical drive emulator for PS3. It Run game and movie ISO’s from all slim PS3 without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. On Jan

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Performance update for Cobra Ode 4.20 QSV ,4.20 and 4.30 !

Cobra ODE QSV, which caters specifically for users of 2k5,3k and 4k/4k2 console owners. The QSV version of the Cobra ODE is fully compatible with all software updates, but does not support older PATA/SATA FAT consoles or 2k/2k1 series SLIM

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Cobra ode big exciting update released–supporting PS1, PS2 and BD Movie!

Cobra ode team forwarded a big steps today, this updates packs a lot of new features for Cobra users including PS1, PS2 and BD Movie support. Another interesting feature is the ability to hot swap your HDD and you can

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Cobra ODE Update News – MCU 1.8 released!

Cobra ODE is THE optical drive emulator for PS3. In the past Cobra Team brought ground breaking features and unparalleled support to the PS3 scene with its Cobra USB dongle. Now we’re back with the Cobra Optical Drive Emulator for

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