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Freakyhax can run on 3DS with sky3ds/sky3ds+

Recently, Freakyhax is released, which is QR-code homebrew exploit for the 3DS game Freakyforms Deluxe.Then sky3ds/sky3ds+ users must want to know whether the flashcarts support it. We confirm that sky3ds/sky3ds+ can support Freakyhax on the 3DS . Today we will

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Nintendo 3ds system update V11.0.0-33

Update the nintendo 3ds version updates to 11.0.0- 33, for the new version, as before, there is no big change, only the system more stable. News from the official; Version 11.0.0-33U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:

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Now Sky3ds+ can play Bravely Second: End Layer US!

Nintendo’s official appeared a new game Bravely Second: End Layer, has now been released on the game, the game is now very popular of a game, so we tested the game through sky3ds +, found that it can perfect operation

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