3DS/DS Flashcards Work on New 3DS/2DS/3DS V10.4.0-29( E/J/U)!

Nintendo made a new update for little change-the latest firmware version 0.4.0-29. We have tested with our sky3ds+ and sky3ds, we can make sure that sky3ds+ and sky3ds can works on the latest version directly. This ew update aims at

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3DS/DS Flashcards Work on New 3DS/2DS/3DS V9.7.0-25( E/J/U)!

Nintendo made a little update for their New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS and released the latest version 9.7.0-25! and after testing, we can make sure that SKY3ds card work great on 3DS 9.7.0-25, but

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Which Flashcards Can Work on 3DS V8.1.0-19?

Good News, no flashcards are blocked by this update,  thus,  the main popular R4 flashcards and dstwo card all can work on 3DS V8.1.0-19(E/J/U). From our last Blog, we have quoted the 3DS v8.1.0-19 content and make sure that R4i

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How about M3i Zero card from M3 team?

Except R4 cards, M3i Zero also is a good flash cart for NDS/NDSL/NDSi/3DS.  Today, let’s re-recognize the M3 cart. M3i Zero is the first generation of flashcard for Nintendo console released by M3 team,  which is extremely terrific, their hardware

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