How to build a game header information file for sky3ds?

As we know, whether a game support to write for sky3ds or not , depends on if game title header information was included into the template file. We need to wait for official updating. In order to get official updating,

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3DS/DS Flashcards Work on New 3DS/2DS/3DS V9.7.0-25( E/J/U)!

Nintendo made a little update for their New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS and released the latest version 9.7.0-25! and after testing, we can make sure that SKY3ds card work great on 3DS 9.7.0-25, but

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K3DS Flashcard Production Has Started!

Today, we received the Email from the official site of 3DS flashcard K3DS, another good news, they have already started to put the card into production, the first batch of K3DS cards will be sent out to all listed resellers

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K3DS Flashcart Final PCB Picture Released!

Latest news about the new released K3DS flashcart, its working team released the final pic of PCB,compared with the original PCB design, they have added more circuit sections, they should won’t change again. News: 27.6.2014: New Picture revealed After our

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K3DS Flashcart F.A.Q. V1

K3DS latest news from the official site, on June 21th, 2014,  they released some base questsions about their new 3ds flashcard, here is the details from the official site: Relevant Blog: News: 21.6.2014: F.A.Q. V1 Do you support NDS/

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What’s K3DS Cart? Where to buy K3DS Flashcart?

K3ds flashcart, this is a new 3DS Roms flashcart support 3DS/DS mode both by only using one card, developed by an European Team, is announced. There is a built-in button to switch between DS- and 3DS mode. And the card

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Popular DS Flashcards and 3DS Flashcards for Nintendo 3DS/2DS/DSL/DSI

For handheld console players, flashcards are a great invention for them, who have access to many DS or 3DS roms games by using only one card without spending a lot of money,  compare to the official released game cards, flash

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