TX SX OS v2.5 Beta with Sleepmode Fixed and Internet Local Wireless Play Supporting

Let’s waste no time and see what’s new in this SX OS v2.5 Beta releasing:

1. Fixed sleepmode in case of fuse mismatch
Sleep/standby mode would break when your emuNAND was on a different firmware version than your actual system NAND. This has been resolved now. So from now on you can run the latest and greatest firmware in emuNAND while at the same time keeping a lower firmware on your original system’s NAND. Nifty!

2.Added initial support for “Internet Local Wireless Play”
Many of you have been requesting for us to add support for “local wireless play” tunneling over the internet. We have integrated this functionality into SX OS for you. This currently requires you to use a bit of software, LAN-Play on a computer to facilitate the tunneling. This software can be downloaded from the LAN-Play website: www.LAN-PLAY.com. Check out their project, they are are doing an amazing job. To enable “Internet Local Wireless Play” simply head into the SX Menu and head over to the “options” page. There’s a toggle for enabling and disabling this functionality at will now.

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