AceNS Loader New Version Released by Ace3DS Team

new AceNS

AceNS Loader New Version Released by Ace3DS Team, With built-in 3 payloads (ATMOSPHERE, REINX and SX OS)(Maximum up to 6 payloads), makes it more convenient and popular among switch hacking users.

Comparing with the old version, let see what’s the difference for the brand new AceNS Loader:
1.Better appearance and texture.
2.RCM Jig could be inserted into AceNS Loader. No losing risk.
3.“+” is the switch button, “-” is LED light showing Blue, green, red, yellow, purple as the old version.
4.Longer standby time: With bulit-in battery, lasting about half a year.

Work on all Nintendo Switch system versions.
Supports payload.bin directly, Maximum up to 6 payload.
Built-in 3 payloads: ATMOSPHERE,REINX and SXOS, easy to switch by pressing button.
Easy Management-It will be immediately recognized as a USB flash drive when connect to PC.
Good compatibility, supports WINDOWS,MAC OS and LINUX system.
Firmware updatable.

For more about the new version AceNS Loader, please find in Ace3DS official web.

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