SX Installer V1.1 Released


Team Xecuter just released SX Installer V1.1, including lots of stability improvements, key new features like touch screen support and the never seen before ability for the user to be able to drag the list of games.

Let’s see more change log for SX Installer v1.1 below:

Fixed “delete after install”
Fixed file browser copy progress bar.
File browser delete now works for SD, FTP, and USB HDD.
File browser rename now works for SD and FTP.
File browser can now write to SD, FTP, and USB HDD, so files can be copied to FTP and USB HDD now.
Single click back up all game saves!
Added Touch Screen support everywhere!
Added ability to preload meta images.
Images are now stored in image database files, as some fat32 users ran into SD card issues with the sheer number of image files before. /switch/sx/cache/ and /switch/sx/icons/ can now be deleted.
Added support for backing up and restoring game saves.
There is an option to specify the game save backup directory, which supports SD, FTP, and USB HDD. So you can backup and restore your save games from across the network or from your hard drive.
Improved stability for network installs.
Improved translations for ZH, NL, and RU.
Added confirmation dialog for deleting files.

For SX OS buying, please find here.
For new version downloading, please directly click SX Installer v1.1.

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AceNS Firmware V1.1

AceNS v1.1

AceNS Firmware V1.1 was just released by Ace3ds Team, let’s take a quick look for Change logs as below:
1.Fixed the LED not off when injection fail problem.
2.Enhanced the stability of the injecting.

How to process AceNS Firmware V1.1 update?
1.Download the firmware file first.Unzip the firmware file.
2.Connect the AceNS Loader one to your Computer via the MicroUSB cable.
3.Copy the IAP folder to the root of USB drive.The file like this, USB DRIVE:\IAP\FIRMWARE.BIN.
4.Un-plug the MicroUSB cable.
5.Plug the MicroUSB again, the AceNS Loader will auto upgrade in 3 seconds, then the IAP folder in USB DRIVE should be auto deleted.

AceNS Firmware V1.1 downloading
AceNS ordering

With built-in 3 payloads-ATMOSPHERE, REINX and SX OS, also, AceNS could supports 6 payloads at most.
It’s the first updating from AceNS, let’s look forward for more!

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TX SX OS v2.5 Beta with Sleepmode Fixed and Internet Local Wireless Play Supporting

Let’s waste no time and see what’s new in this SX OS v2.5 Beta releasing:

1. Fixed sleepmode in case of fuse mismatch
Sleep/standby mode would break when your emuNAND was on a different firmware version than your actual system NAND. This has been resolved now. So from now on you can run the latest and greatest firmware in emuNAND while at the same time keeping a lower firmware on your original system’s NAND. Nifty!

2.Added initial support for “Internet Local Wireless Play”
Many of you have been requesting for us to add support for “local wireless play” tunneling over the internet. We have integrated this functionality into SX OS for you. This currently requires you to use a bit of software, LAN-Play on a computer to facilitate the tunneling. This software can be downloaded from the LAN-Play website: Check out their project, they are are doing an amazing job. To enable “Internet Local Wireless Play” simply head into the SX Menu and head over to the “options” page. There’s a toggle for enabling and disabling this functionality at will now.

For SX OS buying, please find here.
For new version downloading, please directly click SX OS v2.5 BETA.
For AceNS Loader order, please check here.

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SX OS v2.4 BETA Released with full V6.2 firmware support and improved EmuNAD System and more


Finally, TX made it! SX OS supports switch firmware 6.2.0 completely as information offered in SX OS v2.4 BETA announcement.

Fore more details, please find as below:
Support for firmware 6.2.0
Nintendo threw us a small curve-ball while we were in the middle of reworking some other parts of SX OS. That being said, SX OS is now fully compatible with the latest official firmware 6.2.0.

EmuNAND functionality reworked
Our initial release of EmuNAND used a storage mechanism that wasn’t what a lot of people were looking for. In our last release we decided to switch to using the microSD for EmuNAND storage, which in turn made some users that *did* like the old method of storing EmuNAND on the system NAND unhappy. We have reintroduced the support for EmuNAND-on-system-NAND as well as introduced a third storage method for your EmuNAND partition. You can now also opt to use a separate partition (as opposed to files in the regular (ex)FAT filesystem) as a storage backend for your EmuNAND. With three flavors of EmuNAND storage supported now, all of you can rejoice!
To recap, you now have three way of settings up EmuNAND now:
EmuNAND on system NAND: repurpose part of your Switch internal storage for EmuNAND
EmuNAND on microSD as partition: repartitions your microSD card with a separate EmuNAND partition
EmuNAND on microSD as files: EmuNAND is stored on microSD as files instead of repartitioning
WARNING: Setting up your EmuNAND as partition on your microSD card will format your microSD card. After setup nothing but the boot.dat and license.dat will remain.

Homebrew R button interfering with ingame L+R buttons fixed
In the last release we introduced a method of invoking the homebrew launcher for any title by holding down the [R] button during application/game startup, this gives homebrew additional capabilities that it wouldn’t normally have. However, this seems to have caused some interference with some games, this has been fixed.

Embedded Homebrew Menu
Previously, you had to copy a `hbmenu.nro` file to your microSD card in order to use the homebrew launcher. This has been fully integrated into the SX OS boot.dat file now. Effectively this means all you need for setup is to copy our boot.dat file, simple!

For SX OS buying, please find here.
For new version downloading, please directly click SX OS v2.4 BETA.

For Xecuter SX OS Features Showcase here.

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Atmosphere 0.8.0 releasing, supporting Switch Firmware 6.2.0

Atmosphère 0.8.0

A good product- AceNS from Ace3DS Team released with with built-in 3 payloads- ATMOSPHERE, REINX and SX OS(Maximum up to 6 payload), switch hacker could switch to the payload they want.

Main news:

Atmosphere updated to 0.8.0 supporting for switch 6.2.0 firmware thanks to @motezazer for his invaluable help.

Let’s see the update below:
*A custom fatal system module was added.
*Title flag handling was changed to prevent folder clutter.
*Changes were made to the mitm API, greatly improving caller semantics.
*smhax is no longer enabled, because it is no longer needed and breaks significant functionality.
*Functionality was added implementing basic protections for NAND from userland homebrew.
*A bug involving HDCP titles crashing on newer firmwares was fixed.
*Support was added for system version 6.2.0; our thanks to @motezazer for his invaluable help.
*General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.
Source here: Atmosphere official

Where to order AceNS, please find here has begun Christmas Promotion, all flashcarts/ SX Pro/ SX OS/ AceNS are in big promotion, your friends and you could feel free to catch this festival sale. 

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About Nintendo Switch 6.2 Original Firmware

Stop switch 620 update
Team Xecuter officially announced on Nov 27, 2018, they are currently hard at work to add 6.2 compatibility to SX OS.

PLease rest assured, as with any Nintendo major update, TX does need some time to complete this process.

Meanwhile, do NOT update to 6.2 until Team Xecuter has released their own update that supports it.
Please keep your Nintendo Switch on Firmwares 6.1.0 or lower until further notice.

About Nintendo Switch 6.2 Original Firmware, add 6.2 compatibility to SX OS, do NOT update to 6.2, Please keep your Nintendo Switch on Firmwares 6.1.0 or lower until further notice., SX OS
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SX OS v2.3 BETA Releasing

After about two weeks later for SX OS v2.2.1 BETA released, Team Xecuter released SX OS v2.3 BETA on Nov. 18, let see mor details about the changes or updates:


SD emuNAND support
Since the introduction of our emuNAND feature we got a lot of comments about our initial decision to make the emuNAND data live on the actual system NAND. After lots of hard work we are happy to say we now have a workable solution for storing your emuNAND partition data on your microSD card. This has the upside of not using up any space on your Switch. In order to use the new microSD emuNAND system you will *not* have to format your microSD card. Simply enter the TX boot menu by holding Volume-+ while powering on your switch. Head into the options menu and select emuNAND on the left. Users of our existing emuNAND solution will see an option to migrate their existing emuNAND data. The migration process also cleans up the old emuNAND from the system NAND. Painless! We’re interested in hearing your feedback about this exciting new functionality.
The ‘Emutendo’ folder
In addition to the new microSD emuNAND system we also introduce the ‘Emutendo’ folder on your microSD card. As you’ve probably noticed, the Switch saves various data to a ‘Nintendo’ folder on your microSD card. To completely decouple this data between your Original Firmware and your EmuNAND enabled firmware we have made EmuNAND enabled systems use this differently named folder. If you want keep using your old SD card data with your emuNAND, simply copy/rename the ‘Nintendo’ folder to ‘Emutendo’.

Added more directories to scan for content
By popular demand we have added yet another list of subdirectories that will be scanned on your microSD card (or USB harddisk) for XCI/NSP/homebrew. The directories that have been added are:
– /sxos/updates
– /sxos/dlc
– /switch/updates
– /switch/dlc

Homebrew menu takeover of any title by holding R
Homebrew is usually launched from either the TX menu or the Homebrew Launcher menu. Both of these applications run as an ‘applet’ on the Switch. Applets do not have access to all of the system’s memory, and thus any homebrew apps or games launched from here are affected by this as well. The only way to allow full use of the system’s memory was to build and install homebrew NSP files. But now we have added another way to give homebrew applications full memory access! You can now hold the (R) button while launching any regular title, and this will launch the Homebrew Launcher Menu. Any homebrew launched from here will run with the same capabilities as a regular Switch game/app. Enjoy!

Loading homebrew from USB
More good news for homebrew lovers. You can now copy homebrew NRO files to your USB harddisk as well, and launch them directly from our SX OS menu.

Stability improvements
Overall stability of many components has been improved. This includes LayeredFS and USB incompatibilities. We have also fixed a bug which would prevent people from launching more than 32 titles.

libusbfs update
Last but not least a small update for developers. We’ve squashed a small bug in libusbfs pertaining the stat() function. If you had issues with this, grab an updated copy of libusbfs from our website!


For SX OS buying, please find here.
For new version downloading, please directly click SX OS v2.3 BETA.

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SX Dumper v1.0.1 Released


Soon after SX Dumper v1.0.0 Announcement, TX now released SX Dumper v1.0.1, which includes minor bug-fixes and improvements based on user feedback:

SX Dumper V1.0.1
* Keep console awake no more button presses while dumping!
* fixed bug with detecting cart too quickly.
* folder selection (“Root” ,”/sxos/xci/” , “/sxos/games/”)
* UI adjustments for left stick navigation instead of left up down right for options
* Changed to Titleid.xci for Japanese,Chinese,Korean,Taiwanese


For SX OS ordering, please find here.
For SX Dumper V1.0.1 download, please click here directly .

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SX Dumper v1.0.0 Released

With the help of their friend WAIN, Team Xectuer released a useful custom homebrew app for SX OS: The SX Dumper, which will allow you to dump an original game to your microSD card or USB HDD and then play directly with your backup without the need of the original game anymore.

Let’ see the features about the SX Dumper v1.0.0:
Dump to .XCI
Automatically filenaming (full gamename.xci)
USB HDD & microSD Card support
Trimmed dumping (removed unused space from backup)
Certificate wiping
Splitting files for FAT32 filesystem
CRC checking dumped image


For SX OS buying, please find here.
For SX Dumper official news, please click here directly .

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AceNS Loader New Version Released by Ace3DS Team

new AceNS

AceNS Loader New Version Released by Ace3DS Team, With built-in 3 payloads (ATMOSPHERE, REINX and SX OS)(Maximum up to 6 payloads), makes it more convenient and popular among switch hacking users.

Comparing with the old version, let see what’s the difference for the brand new AceNS Loader:
1.Better appearance and texture.
2.RCM Jig could be inserted into AceNS Loader. No losing risk.
3.“+” is the switch button, “-” is LED light showing Blue, green, red, yellow, purple as the old version.
4.Longer standby time: With bulit-in battery, lasting about half a year.

Work on all Nintendo Switch system versions.
Supports payload.bin directly, Maximum up to 6 payload.
Built-in 3 payloads: ATMOSPHERE,REINX and SXOS, easy to switch by pressing button.
Easy Management-It will be immediately recognized as a USB flash drive when connect to PC.
Good compatibility, supports WINDOWS,MAC OS and LINUX system.
Firmware updatable.

For more about the new version AceNS Loader, please find in Ace3DS official web.

AceNS, AceNS Loader, switch hacking
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